We are Diana and Maureen. We have known each other since we were 10, have tons of teenage stories, remained close friends over the years, but most importantly share a love of animals and love to spoil our pets.

Our fur buddies are Ivan, Boris, Navi, Bolt, Cacau and Mac. We love making them happy and finding the perfect products for them to live their best lives.

Boris, Ivan and Navi are Diana's goofballs. You may have come across Diana in her pets' instagram @ivantheterrier

Ivan sadly passed away earlier this year and in thinking of ways to celebrate his life she decided to make a memory necklace and one idea evolved into another and the idea for this store came about in a conversation with Maureen.

Diana has been working in ecommerce for 18 years. Yes, that's a long time.

Bolt, Cacau and Mac stole Maureen's heart. Maureen previously ran a brick and mortar and online baby products store and has had a sales career for 20 years. 

Mac and Cacau are Maureen's new quarantine rescues.


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